Thursday, May 28, 2015

Welcome Home

Late last year I bought my first home, and after some remodeling over the holidays, I moved in at the very beginning of the year (talk about a "new year, new me" way of thinking).  Decorating my first home was surprisingly natural feeling, and with more space to express myself than I've ever had before, it felt like absolute freedom (well, without taking into account budget).  I second-handed a majority of my new home, obsessing over interior decoration like never before.
This photo-shoot started out being shot outside, but once Sheridan came indoors is when the magic kinda hit me.  She matched my house in this perfectly doll-like fashion, the pale pinks and beiges accompanied with lacy and sweet details.  I've had several people tell me that my house reminds them of a doll house, and I guess that description kind of just stuck in my mind. 
I titled the series "Welcome Home," because this photoshoot really made my house finally feel like home and not just a house I live in. I also thought of Belle in the Beast's castle and the way the magical occupants welcome her into her new home when she first decides to stay. There's something kind of amazing about being thrown into a new home unexpectedly, and "discovering" it is this weirdly wonderful feeling I encountered.  I decorated it and I had already lived in it for a few months, but I felt like I was seeing it for the first time.  I wanted to show a few of my favorite details of my home in these photos. The library in my home, built by my amazing father (and holding my huge collection of books), is a detail I couldn't resist showcasing, and was coincidentally inspired by Belle and I's mutual love of books and my dream to have a library in my home one day. The pink velvet chair Sheridan is sitting in is part of my living room furniture that I got for an incredible deal on craigslist, and she's sitting by my sliding glass door which lets in the most beautiful light during the daytime. I also have her sitting in my wallpapered room inspired by Alice in Wonderland, one of my favorite stories, as well as at my vanity table that was a part of my old room.  

Welcome Home, featured in Kaiouti Magazine May 2015
Model: Sheridan Markham
Photographed and Styled by: Ashley Holloway

Bra: Jasmine & Ginger, Skirt: Vintage

Bra: Jasmine & Ginger, Skirt: Vintage, Pom Poms: photographer's own, Necklace: vintage, Shoes: Model's own

Dress: OAOA studio, tights: photographer's own, Shoes: vintage, earrings: vintage

Floral hat: vintage, Top: vintage, petticoat: photographer's own, Necklace: Betsey Johnson

Dress: vintage, gloves: vintage, Floral headpiece: Monstruosite by Dolly Donshey

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