Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Quiet Dance in the Dark

There are moments when unplanned things arise and sometimes you like the unplanned better than the planned. As Darlina was expertly curling and clipping Alex's hair, I was telling her how I had always wanted to photograph somebody with their hair just like that. Darlina just looked at me and basically said, "Well, why don't you then?" So we did. 

I had ebay'd this vintage Laros nightgown and peignoir set a couple of months back after seeing the same pair online elsewhere, so I was quite happy to finally photograph it. I have a fairly large collection of vintage nightgowns from the 40s-60s, and they're pieces that just make me smile in the biggest way. They bring to mind, for me, so many conflicting but intriguing qualities: mystery, innocence, and sensuality.

Model: Alex Bouchard
MUA & Hair Stylist: Darlina Conto

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